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October 22, 2015, 12:00 AM

What Does The Bible Say About Abortion?

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In my previous blog post I shared that as I was preparing to preach on racism, I realized that more racism existed in the world I grew up than I had before ever considered. Unfortunately, I now realize I internalized what I heard and observed by being immersed in it.  I wish that I had acknowledged that sooner.

I find myself having some of those same thoughts and emotions as I have been preparing for the message this Sunday about abortion. I came of age at the same time the Supreme Court legalized abortions in our country. 1973 was the year that I left home for college and it was a new day for me and it was a new day for our country. Until that time, states made their own laws about abortion and on January 22, 1973, it was still illegal to have an abortion in 30 states and only certain types of abortions were permitted in the other 20.

A lot of things have changed in my life since 1973 and thats of course also true for our country. Since the legalization of abortions, the number of pregnancies that have been terminated in our country is straggering to consider. 

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All the while those abortions were going on, I did the worse thing I suppose a person can do - and that was to do nothing. I didn't confront the issue, I didn't preach on the issue, I didn't teach on the issue. I was silent. Because I had no personal experience with abortion, it was easy in those days to just pretend that it was not going on. In that sense, its not that different than what a lot of us did about racism - we just pretend it didn't exist - that it was not out there - and, therefore, it has no affect upon me or my house.

Everything on the matter of abortion changed for me in 2008 when our youngest son, Jeffrey and his wife, Tarah, called to share with us the wonderful news that they were going to have a baby. I have to be honest - on one hand, of course, we were absolutely thrilled but on a selfish note - I remember thinking that I am too young to be a grandfather! All of those thoughts went out the window forever a few weeks later when Jeffrey sent to us an email with a link. When we opened it, we saw an ultrasound of a baby boy who at that time was no larger than my thumbnail. His heartbeat was strong and powerful - and I can still recall as clearly today as I did at that moment recognizing - that is no fetus - that is a child. And, not any child, but our son's and his wife's child - and a child that we will soon begin a lifelong relationship with.  

And, what was true about that baby is true for every baby in the womb. Every baby is a somebody - and it is a somebody that God knows and that God loves - and that God has had a plan for since before the beginning of time. 

Pastor Mark Scott does not play judge

Fast forward to 2015 - and that little guy who we were first introduced to us when he was no larger than my thumbnail is Stratton Jeff Scott. He is a proud first grader in the great state of Texas, and our first grandchild. We have been blessed with three others, (SO FAR), but there will always be something special about Stratton. I hope to teach him many wonderful and lasting truths in the years to come but he has already taught me one of the most important realities of my life and that is that I have been silent far too long. Much sooner I wish that I had been identified with the cause of encouraging others to choose life for every child in the womb. I cannot go back but I can move forward and use my influence, my voice, and my backbone to be counted on regarding protecting the life of the unborn child.

What about you?  Are you willing to look, to consider, to find courage, to be counted on to take a stand? And, by that, I dont mean that in some confrontive, judgmental, or argumentative way. Instead, can we not find a voice of love and a response that mirrors that of Jesus? One that offers hope to women who feel they have no other option or choice? I want our church to be known forever as a place of second chances, and a place to starting again. So, that must include a safe place for women and men who at some time earlier in life made the choice to have an abortion. There is no single area where the church must find its voice than on this matter - we have to be willing to not only be counted as being committed to the life of an innocent child when abortion is being considered as a solution to a temporary problem - but we must also to be a place of healing for those who have made this painful choice at another place and another time. 

One of the ways we are trying to make a difference at The Journey is by being a leading advocate of a ministry called Deeper Still. There is more information here about that on our website under our ministries  - it is our way of beginning the process of healing for abortion wounded hearts. The next retreat that we will be leading in along with our two other church partners takes place November 5-7. Please be in prayer for those from our congregation who will be leading and participating. 

If you would like to take this subject to a deeper level of understanding and research, I have provided some links below for you to read.












07-03-2016 at 9:35 PM
Mandy Duncan Sayre
Oh Mark Scott how I have missed your teaching!! You can't imagine the excitement I had when I found your blog!! I have downloaded your church app and read every blog!! I receive a blessing and God's word for my life in each sermon and blog!!

But THIS blog is very close to home!!!! After many years of infertility specialist, in vitro, etc., Chad and I started the journey of adoption! It was a huge step of faith that showed us God's handprint in so many ways!! As a result, we adopted a beautiful baby girl born in Santa Fe, Nm 3-16-05!! We were able to pick her up at the hospital and head home 3 days later with Sadie Grace Sayre as OURS!! So many times I look at her face and think her birth parents could have easily chosen abortion! But I believe she was born to be our baby!! I don't understand it or even try! I just know that God's ways are far bigger and better than we can ever imagine!! I am so thankful for Sadie's birth parents, who we begin praying for long before she was even thought about!! They chose and valued Sadie's life! They listened to God's whisper and allowed him to work in great ways!!!

Our "Sadiebug" is such a blessing! She is 11 years old and going into middle school! She was saved and baptized 2 years ago! She is our pride and joy!! She has recently joined the youth group in the same room(s) where Kathy and yourself poured into Chad and me! What a huge honor and privilege it is to watch her grow in Christ!!

Please continue to advocate for adoption as an option for abortion!

And please hug Kathy's neck for me!! Love you guys so much!
Chad, Mandy, and Sadie Grace Sayre
10-25-2015 at 6:35 PM
Susan Chavez
Thank You JESUS that HE took the condemnation of death on the cross we are free but we must believe in HIM to have ETERNAL LIFE here and of course to get to Heaven
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