What Do We Believe?

The family of The Journey Church, Yorba Linda, California, is made up of "real" people. By that, we mean, that we don't pretend to be someone "holy" or "religious"  when we come to worship each weekend. We come from many different background, cultures, and experiences, but we believe that what the Bible says about God and his care and concern for our lives is true. We consider the call of Jesus to be a very serious one but we never mistake that to mean that we should take ourselves "too seriously". The music we celebrate in worship each Sunday is lively, joyful, and relevant. It reflects the joy we find in knowing that God is alive and active in loving, guiding, and protecting each one of us. We love laughter and the joy that comes to everyone who chooses to start life anew because of God's wonderful grace and mercy.

Most of us came to know about God, his love for us, the forgiveness of sin, a new life in Jesus Christ, and the promise of eternal life in heaven - because someone cared enough about us to share that good news with us.Therefore, we believe that God is using "The Journey" to be a "portrait" of His love and grace to those who live around us.

We have rejected legalism, judging others, gossip and slander. We focus on building people up rather than tearing others down. We are far from perfect and continue to stumble but we are committed to discovering and fulfilling God's will for our lives and remaining on The Journey until it leads us to heaven. We are much more interested in a person's tomorrows than we are in anyone's yesterdays!

As far as our statement of beliefs, the can be summarized with these four core concepts:

1. The Bible is the authoritative word of God. It was written by men who were inspired by the Holy Spirit as they wrote. it is the one and only source of our preaching and teaching and we beleive it is written without error and can be trusted in all ways at all times.

2. Jesus Christ is the one and only Son, of God, the Father. He became, "God with skin on" for our sakes so that we might know who God is and how to relate to Him. He lived on this earth for 33 years and was tempted in every manner as we are tempted yet did not sin. This enabled him to be the perfect sacrifice for our sins. We beleive that Jesus is the one and only way that people come into a relationship with God. 

3. All people are sinners, both by nature and by choice. Sin has separated us from a Holy God and nothing we can do, or say, or create, or accomplish can wipe out the guilt and just punishment that must be paid for our sins. God so loved the world, however, that he sent his one and only son, to be the sacrifice for our sins and to take the punishment of death in our place on the cross of Calvary. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we are made new and fresh from the inside out if and when we intentionally invite Jesus Christ to enter into our lives and become our Savior. 

4. Our lives here on this earth are temporary - the greater life awaits those who have made Jesus Christ their Lord and Saviour in heaven - where he has prepared a place for the family of God. Until that time comes, each of us who know him are called to live a life of service in His name - so that we might be used by God to shed the light of his immense love for all people in a dark and dying world. We therefore support and engage in missional efforts to share the good news of Jesus Christ with other people.


  September 2020  
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